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Myrtle Nation

Is the new premier online advertising and marketing agency for Myrtle Beach, SC.

Myrtle Nation is in the business of advertising and marketing for businesses in Myrtle Beach in a better and more global fashion. We take marketing to the next level. Our motto is “the best of the beach”. Myrtle Nation is all about advertising businesses in Myrtle Beach that represent the “best of the beach”. Myrtle Nation helps businesses stand out individually and at the same time promotes the City of Myrtle Beach. We are marketing and advertising businesses both individually and collectively. This is what Myrtle Nation does which no other advertising agency can do. We advertise the businesses we feel represent the best Myrtle Beach has to offer. In doing so, we also believe “a rising tide raises all ships”. This means we believe the more quality businesses there are here in Myrtle Beach, the more customers it will bring. Thus bringing more opportunity for the entire city and giving Myrtle Beach the opportunity to create a better image and stronger sense of community for itself for the 21st Century.


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What makes Myrtle Nation stand out?

What makes Myrtle Nation different from any other advertising agency of it’s kind is that Myrtle Nation is a place for both locals and travelers alike to go see what’s happening in the city. If a person or family is here for a long weekend or vacation we want them to know where the best place is to see live music, from House of Blues to the city Pavilion and everything in between. If it’s beach volleyball they are interested we will let them know where the best courts are to play, the best times to play, and other players looking to play. When it comes to food and drinks, we will feature the best dining spots and bars from the beach to Broadway.


Myrtle Nation is doing what no company has done simply because they can’t. We make travellers feel like locals. This takes the best of the beach for bigtime events and blends them with everyday events. This is not a tourist site saying ‘where to eat’ or ‘where to stay’. We will present all those specials when they are exactly that, special. This is more than a ‘news’ site, it’s more of a ‘what’s happening’ place to see and be seen, and go see!